Teach ‘em to Fish Family Barbershop and Salon

We are one of Maryland’s newest barbershop and salon businesses, and we are the state’s only barbershop and salon business incubator. We are:

  • Located at 4915 57th Ave., Bladensburg, MD 20710 and our phone is 240.696.5566.
  • Open six days a week and closed on Sundays.

We combine the best parts of a classic upscale barbershop and salon with a warm family atmosphere. We provide the highest quality professional grooming services in a family orientated, female friendly environment. We have a zero tolerance for inappropriate language, fighting, drugs, alcohol, sexual misconduct, dishonesty, and any other unacceptable behavior.


We are a faith-based business incubator ministry (501(c)(3)) that helps deserving people get a fresh start and become economically self-sustaining by becoming business owners – transforming themselves, their families, and the Prince George’s County, Maryland community. We use the incubator as a place where our participants perfect their entrepreneurial behaviors as they prepare to graduate and launch their own businesses. As part of our commitment to the community, we will partner with other non-profits to host workshops and events on topics such as SAT prep, English as a Second Language, financial planning, etiquette and good citizen.


We welcome your business and special corporate/institutional services are available. If you have questions, please contact Pastor Clarence Crawford at clarence.crawford@teachemtofish.org. or 202.615.5288.


We are on:

Instagram –  @tetffamilybarbers  www.instagram.com/tetffamilybarbers