The People

Says the old English proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Teach ‘em to Fish serves people who are financially, emotionally, or situationally distressed; people who are in need of a new start, a second chance, or a lifeline; people who have received glimmers of hope, sparks of change, and promises of a better tomorrow, but for whom nothing has panned out or been sustainable. We equip these individuals for life – transforming the vulnerable and undervalued into self-confident business owners. We do not offer temporary solutions; rather we teach principles that will enable our participants to create their own solutions in the future.

The Purpose

Teach ‘em to Fish has three primary objectives:

  • Transforming Lives: Provide support, assistance, and training that equips participants to move forward in life confidently as dependable, trustworthy, and highly capable individuals.
  • Launching Businesses: Equip our participants to establish their own business and expand existing Prince George’s County businesses that are committed to hiring and promoting people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Strengthening Communities: Help build a healthier Prince George’s County community by connecting its most needy residents to constructive work that enables them to support their families and sustain healthy communities.


The Process

The Process


Teach ‘em to Fish phases services in four key areas to lead participants through the process of achieving financial sustainability and small business succe

  • Bootcamp: In Phase 1 of the program, participants
  • learn and acquire fundamental life skills based on biblical principles, including interpersonal skills, banking proficiency, ethical values, and self-confidence.
  • Job Lab: In Phase 2, participants gain hands-on job experience while building up their financial portfolios by establishing credit and investing in their businesses. Participants also create business plans and targets.
  • Business Incubator: In Phase 3, participants receive advanced entrepreneurial learning. They also implement their business, marketing, and financial plans in a safe incubator environment.
  • Business Graduation: Finally, participants move their businesses from the incubator to their own space. Post-incubation assistance such as educational seminars, links to lawyers, accountants, and business owner roundtables is provided.